McAfee’s forecast for 2011

McAfee, one of the world’s most reputable computer security organizations, has just unveiled its predictions for cyber attack targets in 2012 and the list contains a few tools that are quite popular. On the list are both the Android and iPhone in addition to several other programs and devices.



URL Shorteners


McAfee says that URL-shortening programs such as are going to be used for spamming and spreading malicious content. These programs are used by many people to share links over social media sites so they are ideal for cyber criminals spreading malicious content. McAfee recently released its own URL shortener,, that aims to make URL shortening more secure.



Geolocation Services


A second possible target for cyber criminals will be geolocation services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places, since they show sensitive information like the user’s location and what applications they’re using and allow for a more targeted attack.





Mobile devices are likely to be a big target for cyber criminals as more people are conducting business on their smartphones. Many individuals do not take the proper measures to ensure that their smartphones are secure enough for business use, so the devices are particularly vulnerable. For tips on securing your smartphone, check out this article.



The other targets, as outlined by McAfee, are Apple products and Google TV along with a rise in politically-motivated attacks a la Wikileaks.



For more information on these threats, read this article on Tech Crunch. Also, go to for information on the latest threats and advice on keeping your devices secure.