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Data Cloud

Give your business the IT infrastructure it deserves


What is cloud computing?

And what sets us apart from other cloud computing companies? Glad you asked. 

Our Cloud Computing Solutions will help your business combine the efficiencies of cloud services and storage with the grounded security of your firewall. Designed for small and midsize businesses, Cloud Computing is an excellent choice for organizations that are building their first business network or looking to replace old infrastructure. 

Cloud Computing Benefits: More Bandwidth, Faster Support & Lower Costs 

Some business decisions are hard, some are easy. Cloud hosting services fall squarely into the no-brainer category. Take a quick look at the benefits.  Technology Engineers and Architects Cloud Computing will:

  • Support your Entire IT infrastructure for a monthly fee

  • Build your cloud infrastructure from scratch or replace old infrastructure

  • With our Cloud Computing Services you will enjoy:

  • 24/7 support from our friendly technicians

  • Predictable monthly costs for storage and support

  • Don’t Forget our Cloud Computing Extra Features:

  • Unbreakable storage using BitSpread technology

  • Built-in backup and disaster recovery

  • Scalable infrastructure that grows with you

  •  Save Money with our Cloud Computing Services

The cost of buying equipment, licensing, and network gear is expensive for a small business. With our Cloud Computing, you get equipment and 24/7 support for a flat monthly fee, freeing you from the pain of investing in new hardware every three or four years. 

Cloud Computing Services: The Key to Getting More Done 
Minutes, hours, days—how much time do you lose each quarter fussing with your network? What if you could reclaim that time and put it toward growing your business? When our cloud computing clients discover how much more time they have to devote to core business objectives, they never look back. 

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Offsite Cloud Hosting 
Cloud solutions will give you the ability to store data in a place other than locally. The ability to work from anyplace along with having a safe and secure network will make sure you can seamlessly conduct business. Having your data offsite will ensure safety and make disaster recovery a breeze.

Learn More: Technology Engineers and Architects Cloud Computing 
Interested in learning more about how Cloud services can help you save on your IT infrastructure costs? If so, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one Technology Engineers and Architects (T.E.A.) technician. 

Whether it’s cloud computing, data protection, data backups, IT help desk support, hosting services or managed IT services, we can help. T.E.A. handles IT services in NY, NJ, CT and nationally with the utmost expertise. The corporate headquarters for our technology offices are located in Bergen County, NJ and serve clients throughout the country. 

Translation: We are your Cloud Computing go-to in New Jersey and beyond!

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