Mobile hotspots – what they are and how to benefit from them

The Verizon iPhone’s release has the tech world abuzz with talk of what the smartphone may offer. A few of the major themes are tethering and personal hotspots – two things many people are still confused about.

What they are

A mobile hotspot is basically a mobile broadband gadget that can be connected to the Internet just about anywhere. People can set up their smartphones to work as mobile hotspots as well. Tethering is the action of using your phone as a hotspot so that you can connect your computer or another device to the Internet.

Why they’re great

These hotspots are particularly useful for anyone who does a considerable amount of work on the road or even at coffee shops. The free Wi-Fi that is available at many locations is not secure, making any data you transmit vulnerable.

A mobile hotspot minimizes that security dilemma since it is a closed network that, in the case of a smartphone, will only be open to one user. 

How you can utilize one

Fortunately, many mobile providers make available mobile hotspot and tethering features in their wireless plans. When it comes to the new Verizon iPhone, hotspots will come at a price of $20 per month for 2 GB of data along with the required $30 data plan for the iPhone.

Because hotspot and tethering features come at a price, they aren’t ideal for everyone. If you access the Internet mainly from one location, it could be more convenient to utilize standard broadband Internet, which generally permits unlimited usage.