Commenting on Google Docs just got easier

Many of us are familiar with Google Docs as a tool for quick and easy document creation. What plenty of people don’t know is how great of a collaboration tool it can be, especially due to its recent updates.

The popular commenting feature in Google Docs has recently received some big improvements – some of the most significant are:

  • Timestamps and profile pictures on comments
  • The ability to edit and resolve comments
  • Implementation of email notifications via @mentions

The addition of email notifications is the thing that businesses will likely benefit from the most. These notifications allow users to invite new people into the discussion whenever they’re needed.

The message that you send via the email notifications feature will always include the text of the comment, so that person does not always need access to Google Docs in order to contribute. He or she can simply respond to the email and it will show up in the discussion thread.

These new features also make it easier to see what has been done and what still needs to be done. Instead of simply removing a comment once edits have been made on the document, you can now mark it as resolved. This allows you to go back and view which changes were made and if they were, in fact, done properly.

Google Docs and tools like it make it easier to work on a distributed team. Staying in sync is easier as everybody’s version of the document is identical, so there is far less confusion around changes.

Having several people working on a document simultaneously from different locations can get quite confusing. It’s easy to lose track of edits and it can be difficult to make sure you’re incorporating everyone’s input. These collaboration tools make the process much more streamlined.

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