Wireless vs. wired mice

Wired or wireless mice? This is a debate that’s been going on for years now, and there is still no conclusive winner. The truth is, there are advantages to each type of mouse, and it’s all about which attributes matter most to you.


Just like wireless mice, wired mice have plenty of positives as well as negatives. These are a couple of the major benefits:

  • Extended life expectancy
  • Quicker response time
  • More cost efficient
  • More accuracy – a big pro for gamers
  • No chance of inadvertently gaining control of someone else’s machine

Although wired mice are the longtime standard, there are some drawbacks. The most often cited disadvantage is the inability to roam, which is a deal-breaker for many.


The argument for wireless mice is quite strong. They may require you to buy batteries from time to time, but they also offer a great deal of convenience that just can’t be found with a wired mouse. These are some of the primary benefits:

  • More freedom – another favorite feature among gamers, who often control their TVs from the couch
  • Improvements in response time and accuracy
  • Fewer cords
  • Smoother movement due to the lack of a cord

Despite these advantages, there are still several disadvantages to think about. Bad signals and dead batteries may not happen frequently, but if they come at an inopportune time, the results can be detrimental.

In general, the decision between wireless and wired mice is about preference. If you require accuracy and fast response times, a wired mouse would most likely suit you best. If you’re someone who likes to work from the couch or other untraditional spots, you may enjoy the convenience and freedom of a wireless mouse. There are plenty of great wired as well as wireless options, so you can’t go wrong either way.

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