Tricks for managing your email inbox

Email is both an incredible convenience and a huge stressor for many of us. Our inboxes overwhelm us with messages, yet most of them are necessary. Fortunately, there are many techniques out there that can help make your inbox easier to handle. Here are a few of them:


    1. Set up foldersSetting up folders or labels in your email client is an uncomplicated way to manage your inbox. Often, you can set filters to label your emails automatically so that emails from certain addresses will go into a separate folder.

      With this feature, unimportant emails are filtered out and don’t take up important space in your inbox. It’s pretty easy to set this up and since this feature is available in most email clients and services, it is likely available to you.


  • Enable conversation viewEnabling conversation view or as some email clients call it, threaded view, is a very simple way to tidy up your inbox. You will no longer see dozens of emails linked to one topic. Instead, they will all be found under a single “email.” Email threads take up much less space in your inbox, making it seem more manageable.

    Also, when you use this feature, you will address all emails in a conversation whenever you address one. There is no longer a need to go through and archive each individual email – delete one, and you’re done.



  • If it will take less than 5 minutes to address, deal with it right away Many emails take lots of time and energy to really address. For those emails that don’t require much time, it is generally best to deal with it right away. Putting it off will only make it seem bigger than it is and create more stress than is necessary. As you address these emails right away more often they will become easier to deal with.


These are just a few basic techniques that can help make your inbox more manageable. There are many more tricks that are just as easy and can make a huge difference in your everyday email habits.

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