Doing work from the road can be tricky – simplify it with these suggestions

Many people travel frequently for business. Unfortunately, many business travelers don’t know how to be most productive while they’re on the road. We have put together a list of tools and tips that can help you to be more productive and keep your work and devices safe while you’re on the go.

Tools for easier travel

There are virtually countless options when it comes to tools that make traveling easier. The options range from luggage to apps, and everything in between.

One tool that can take a lot of stress out of traveling is TripIt. It is an app that organizes all of your travel information for you. You can email your itinerary to TripIt and it keeps track of your flight times, hotel information, and frequent flier numbers, all in one spot.

Luggage that is conducive to business travel is critical as well. These are some of the key luggage features that can make traveling a breeze:

  • Laptop compartment – It’s best to have a separate compartment for your laptop so that finding it at security, or even once you get to your destination, is a breeze. Nobody enjoys being the person who’s holding up the security line.
  • A wire pouch – Having a specific spot to place all of your chargers and other wires is great for anyone with lots of gadgets. You no longer have to wonder where you placed everything, as there is a designated pocket for it.
  • Convertibility – A convertible bag is ideal for someone who goes on a variety of business trips. If you need to carry everything through the airport one day and carry only your laptop the next, finding a bag that can serve both purposes is beneficial.

Security tools

Many of us travel with our most valued possessions, which just adds to our stress for fear of losing them. Because of that, it’s smart to bring a personal safe and a notebook lock that can keep some of the most valuable items secure when you can’t keep an eye on them.

In general, it’s best to err on the side of caution when you’re traveling with valuable items. If it’s something you can’t afford to lose, keep it somewhere safe, or bring it with you. This article offers a number of great security devices that can help protect your gadgets on the go.

Boosting productivity

Productivity can certainly wane while you’re working from a hotel room or coffee shop on the road. General unfamiliarity with your surroundings can slow down certain processes that are usually quick and painless.

For most jobs, it’s necessary to have Internet access, particularly when you are away from your coworkers. Some hotels do not have access to the Internet, and if that is the case you should consider bringing a wireless card or mobile Wi-Fi device that would let you easily access the Internet and your email.

Finally, consider bringing a back pillow. Hotel desk chairs are typically not ergonomic and can be seriously painful for your back if you sit in them for too long. Back pillows generally aren’t too bulky and can make all the difference when you’re working in an unfamiliar chair.

There are many things that can make working from the road easier and more productive. These tools and tips can be incredibly helpful and help you learn how to be at your best while you’re on the go.