Check out Prezi – the online presentation tool

If you’re big on presentations, you might have heard of Prezi, one of the most revered online presentation tools. Prezi is an easy-to-use application that makes presentations more fun. You might ask yourself what makes Prezi better than other presentation apps – here it is:


Prezi is a flash-based tool, which makes it easier to produce non-linear presentations. Most presentation tools require you to go slide-by-slide and don’t leave much room for creativity aside from clipart. With Prezi, your presentation is more like a thought map than anything else, which makes it flow much more naturally.

You are able to zoom in and out of the images and words as you travel from point-to-point. This feature eliminates the need for identical slides and backtracking when you need to reference a past slide.


Once you have become accustomed to Prezi’s interface, it is really quite intuitive. Because many people are non-linear thinkers, the thought-map method, where you can see everything at once, can be incredibly useful.

If you find yourself having trouble getting accustomed to Prezi’s interface, simply take a look at one of their tutorials.

Prezi is web-based but it permits you to download your presentations once they have been created so you don’t need Internet access to actually present. There is a free model available, but for $59/year you can purchase Prezi for more storage and better privacy.

Everybody may not be looking to move away from the linear model of PowerPoint and tools like it. If you are, however, Prezi is a great alternative.