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Protecting Businesses from Data Breaches
Protecting Businesses from Data Breaches

"In our world, backup is not simply a job you run, but a complete disaster recovery solution scaled to the demands of your business"

September 2017

The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration uncovered that 93 percent of companies, small and large, that suffered a system-wide data failure for more than ten days, filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. The recent WannaCry and Petya Ransomware outbreaks demonstrate the vulnerability of current systems by spreading at a rapid rate and hitting more than 150 countries within hours. Organizations understand the importance of security and backups to protect their data in an event of data loss from a system failure or human error—directly impacting the business. Countering today’s ransomware exploits, where every organization is vulnerable to attacks, Technology Engineers and Architects (T.E.A.) has shaped up as the champion in addressing the data protection and backup needs of a business. To protect a client’s systems from a wide range of attacks and ensure business continuity, T.E.A offers products that provide a well-balanced layer of simple, fast, and reliable data protection services, superior customer service, and unsurpassed value to clients.


Despite the ever-evolving nature of online threats, organizations rely on traditional security products that do leverage the unknown hash detection algorithm to block or restrict malicious files. “You no longer have the option of wait and see. Just having a firewall is not enough,” explains Peter Nakkash, VP of business development, T.E.A. Breaking the norm of backup solutions as a major investment, T.E.A.’s affordable backup services enable small businesses to streamline backup process, multi-point recovery, cloud storage, and virtualization with the ability to take bootable snapshots every 15 minutes—drastically reducing the risks associated with system failures. Specializing in safeguarding a firm’s valuable digital information with cost-effective data protection and online backup services, T.E.A. has standardized on Datto’s ShadowSnap Backup Agent for a foolproof backup and data recovery (DR) solution. T.E.A. can thus provide scalable hardware options, flexible licensing options, bare metal restore capability, local retention, and offsite replication for true DR.


With data availability as a top priority, T.E.A. offers automated multi-retention policies, automatic cloud and local backups, and limitless cloud storage. Adding to its arsenal of DR, business continuity, and data backup solutions, T.E.A. also provides Webroot antivirus software. Apart from having a small footprint on the host server or desktop, T.E.A. leverages Webroot’s built-in mechanisms and AI capabilities to detect ransomware and malicious viruses. Moreover, to ensure robust network protection, T.E.A. offers Cisco’s OpenDNS enterprise security for phishing protection and content filtering to avert malicious attacks through email attachments.


Businesses can now add offsite backup by consulting T.E.A.’s certified technologists—revamping the overall organizational protection strategy to securely retrieve any information when needed. Doing so will provide the additional protection needed to ensure business continuity. With cost-effective solutions that expand with company’s impact, T.E.A. addresses the need for a secure business environment. T.E.A. has proved its importance in the enterprise backup arena through constant innovation and game-changing security services. T.E.A believes that all companies must deploy the right security products to protect their environment. “In the end, a complete business continuity plan should protect your business by integrating local backups, server virtualization, and secure offsite data duplication while being affordable,” Nakkash concludes.

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